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It’s rock ‘n’ roll plagiarism…but this time the songs are stolen from the future.

Post War Britain is on the brink of the Swinging Sixties and the world on the threshold of Beatlemania. Birmingham’s Frankie Atom and The Bombastics are about to be propelled from dance hall heroes to teenage idols…and a string of hit records.
One snowy night, driving the band’s Volkswagen home alone from a gig, guitarist Barry Harper is forced to take shelter from the blizzard in a lonely lay-by.
Impatiently switching between radio stations to find rock’n’roll music for company. Barry is suddenly drawn down some sort of time travel warp…

…the Volkswagen now belongs to post-punk rockers, The Robbie Rochester Band.
Robbie befriends a desperately bewildered and terrified Barry and vows to help him find a way home and back to his own time.
But how?

Just what surprises await Frankie Atom and his old band mates when they reform for a concert at a very special venue? What wretched decisions did Barry make that reverberated down the years wrecking careers and changing lives forever? Who knew and why was nothing said?,’