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Prince Charles’ black spider letters No. 1


Poor old Charlie boy takes some stick, don’t he just? Tree hugging, badger culling, flower talking, carbuncles, army boots… and of course Diana. He’s next in line to the throne, but Mummy’s keeping her bum firmly in place whilst a string of  young pretenders queue up behind. Will he make it before he needs his Zimmer and will there be any blue left on the Union Jack when he does? Now they’re raking out his old letters to Prime Ministers past and long gone. Well at least it keeps the spotlight of Air-miles Andy and his lot!



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‘The thrill has gone….’ BB King


This is is my first blog, so for anybody out there who has somehow bumped into it, please be gentle with me; this site is, as they say, ‘Under Construction’.o

My plan is to produce a daily cartoon blog. I’ve been a professional cartoonist since the 1970s. The one I’ve posted here appeared on my Facebook site and it got over a hundred ‘likes’ in the first few hours, many of which came from the States. Just shows you what people thought of the man.

Hope to see you soon, when I’ve mastered building this site.

      Bob Lawton