Born To Run…Bruce Springsteen

Not really an autobiography fan, but am rather partial to a bit of Bruce Springsteen.
This will appeal to fans of the Boss, it will also appeal to musos as Bruce talks in detail about his rise to super stardom, from high school band to local New Jersey heroes and on to hit recording stars. What strikes you right the way through the book, which incidentally took him seven years to write, is the total honesty with which Bruce writes. The difficulties of his early family life, his troubled relationship with his father, his self-confessed control-freak nature to his music and the formation of his beloved E Street band. His first marriage breaks up, but his second marriage to Patti is one of the driving forces of his life and success. He is completely open about his struggle with depression which on occasions threatens to overtake him and he movingly describes the passing of family and band mates as he gets older. This is an extremely well written book which describes in both wonderful and frightening detail. It will help to be a Springsteen fan, but it ain’t essential. Highly recommended.

A Fault In Our Stars

As the author John Green says in his acknowledgements this is a work of fiction…he made it up. However, whilst reading it I became convinced this was a man who if he hadn’t suffered from childhood cancer had certainly suffered it close at hand. Maybe that’s the case. Augustus, Isaac and Hazel have their own brand of gallows humour for their treatment and treatments. It’s witty, heart breaking and irreverent all rolled into one book worth reading