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The Chess Men by Peter May

The final book in the Lewis trilogy. Fin is now retired and living back on the island of his birth. Going about his newly appointed duties in charge of security against salmon thieves in the lochs and rivers owned by the local laird he and an old school friend discover a light aeroplane that had crashed and remained undiscovered for eighteen years. It transpires that the body within has been murdered and the consequences send Fin on a journey back to his teenage years. We have to forgive Peter May the fact that at that time Fin was roadie for a band that were to achieve international fame and that has never been mentioned before in the previous two books. However, it is beautifully written, descriptive and atmospheric, with the turns and twists you now expect from a Peter May novel.
Definitely worth reading, but, obvious as it may seem, read Blackhouse and The Lewis Man first.

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