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The Lewis Man by Peter May

Second in the trilogy following Blackhouse. Peter May writes with amazing authentic and atmospheric skills. He captures the desolate moors, the villages, the harbours and the churches of Lewis perfectly; he also describes the greener mountains, golden beaches and turquoise seas of Harris and further south so very accurately. This book is well researched.
Fin McLoed has now retired and moved back to the islands to coincide with the discovery of a dead body preserved in one of the peat bogs of Lewis. DNA tests prove that it is a relation of The father of Fin’s childhood sweetheart Marsaili McDonald. Tormond McDonald is now a very old man in the grip of dementia unaware of most of what is going on around him. May cleverly dovetails memories of Tormond’s past as he remembers fragments from the shameful childhood he and his younger brother Peter(the corpse) were forced to live. They were victims along with many other orphaned or unwanted kids who became ‘homers’; transported from the cities of Glasgow, Edinburgh and others to become no more than slaves to the islanders. Without giving too much of the story away Fin finds the link between Tormond and Peter’s past and the murder that took place in the fifties. The climax is quite thrilling as Fin discovers other links to the past, but the story seems to be coming to a tragic end until Donald Murray ( you’ll know him from Blackhouse) comes galloping over the hill.
Absolute must…read it.

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