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Runaway…Peter May

I enjoyed reading my second Peter May novel (ever). I suppose the story of a fledgling rock’n’roll band going to the Big Smoke to try a make it appealed, especially as half the story is set in the Sixties, exactly the time we were trying to do the same (although not with the same outcome I can assure you!). The other half of the book is set in the current era and the two stories run side by side, 16 years olds searching for fame, alongside late-sixty year olds searching for answers. It’s cleverly done and May’s descriptive narrative and story telling are very good. Okay, it get a bit too remarkable in places, but it’s worth reading. The fact that I read it in less than three days shows the adventure(s) are irresistible. There is also a similarity between Runaway and my book The Man Who Stole Rock’n’roll. (Kindle or Amazon) Try ’em both.

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