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Blackhouse … Peter May

The first of the Hebridean trilogy. My first read of a Peter May novel. I purchased it to coincide with a holiday on the Isle of Lewis, where the story is set. This made the crime thriller all the more enjoyable; I said to my wife that it almost brought the story out in 3D. The village and settlement names, the buildings and businesses in Stornaway, the ports, lighthouses and tourist sites … they were all around. Wonderful!
Peter May has a marvellous descriptive style and the climax, as the guga hunters ( Gaelic for gannets) make their way across the treacherous North Atlantic to the remote island of An Sgeir (yes, it’s there, google it!) is quite breathtaking.
I’ve mentioned nothing yet about the murder mystery that unfolds on the island. It’s a good tale with some unexpected twists and turns cleverly wrapped up in the beliefs and traditions of the islanders.
I look forward to Lewis Men, the second of the trilogy.

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