A Life Too Short … Ronald Reng

This book is about depression … Serious depression. Peter Enke was Germany’s number one goal keeper and 10th November 2009, on the brink of the 2010 World Cup qualifiers, he walked under a Hanover bound express train. He left behind a loving wife and six month old baby, a shocked close group of friends and team mates and an astonished nation.
To begin with the book concentrates on Peter Enke’s schoolboy and junior football successes, many of which there are. Anybody not into football may get slightly bored with the detail, but middle aged ladies from Cheltenham who love Wimbledon and strawberries need to hang in there.
The tell tale signs begin to show as he struggles with anxiety as he tries to come to terms with joining top European clubs; Benfica,Barcelona and Fenebache. His first bout of extreme depression comes in 2002. Without giving too much away, with the help of his family and friends he overcomes his problems and claims back his rightful place as Germany’s number one.
The reader knows the date of the fateful day from the cover notes, so the story becomes even more compelling as the seasons turn to months, then weeks then days.
It’s a beautifully written book about a subject I knew little, but now understand a lot more. Five stars from me … Just read it.

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