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Rock Stars Stole My Life…Mark Ellen

Had a struggle with this book. Okay, I was involved with another project which took my attention, but, the fact that it took me a month to read a book I would have polished off in a few days speaks volumes. It’s written very well and in places it’s interesting and funny. However…I cannot abide the bullshit these music critics roll around in. I was involved in the early sixties music scene and also avidly collected the UK music press of the day; New Musical Express, Melody Maker, Disc and Record Mirror. I took all their top twenties and made up my own chart (the Beatles DID get to number one with Penny Lane/Strawberry Field Forever in my hit parade…it’s official). As the sixties turned into the seventies these music papers, along with other new kids on the block were getting more and more pretentious; just who did these people think they were? Mark Ellen was one of these.
Perhaps I’m being unfair. Just as us proles should be allowed to choose and play what music we like, so these rock hacks should be allowed to print their self-opinionated reviews in their papers. Sales will prove whether their ramblings are worthwhile.

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