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KP The Autobiography. Kevin Peitersen

KP The Autobiography. Kevin Peitersen.
I’m not one for autobiographies from celebrities and I’ve put off reading this one for well over twelve months despite hassle from my son. All the family follow cricket.
KP is a wonderful cricketer as well as a show pony, so it comes as no surprise to see his personality emerge from the book’s pages. As my son described him, “he’s a big girl’s blouse”. You’d have thought the bitching and tittle-tattle coming from an England cricket dressing room with many household names involved, was more worthy of the local Women’s Institute cake baking contest.
However, If the man management that went on during Andy Flower’s reign is only half as bad as Peitersen described it then no wonder they fell apart in the Ashes series last time out in Australia. The ECB, Prior, Cooke, Strauss and a few others don’t escape criticism.
For the cricket fan it does give some insight behind the scenes, but the strutting and tantrums do get a bit tiresome.
Back to a good novel for me.

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