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Night by Casey Christie

Not sure how I came by this book, it’s been on my Kindle for a week or two.
Michael Night is a Sergeant in the South African Police and along with a sharp shooting Russian and a gigantic Zulu they form part of The Black Bastards notoriously fearsome peacekeepers in Johannesburg.
Early on in the story there is a murderous atrocity led by an evil so-called Colonel uSathane from the Alexandra Township…a no-go area for South African Police forces.
I found the story quite compelling, guessing that retribution would not be too far away, but the intercom communications and the call signs left me confused. I just ignored them and ploughed on.
The really worrying thing is Johannesburg,(maybe South Africa). Casey Christie paints a very graphic picture of a violent, lawless, drug-fuelled City.
Is it that really out of control? Why would anybody want to live there? It’s certainly not done any favours for the South African Tourist Board.
More Casey Christie’s stories? Not sure!

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