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Under the Dome, Stephen King

As a big fan of Stephen King I am pleased to say I have plenty of his back catalogue to yet discover. Under the Dome is a bit of a monster (880 pages hardback), but the fact that I read it in four days shows how addictive the story is…and I have a dog to walk, cartoons to draw and beer to drink!
As with most SK stories it all takes place in Maine, this time in Chester Mills. An invisible, impenetrable dome drops over the town cutting the inhabitants off from the rest of the world.
When I first started reading it I had memories of a book I read at school, John Wyndham’s Midwich Cuckoos (film: The Village of the Damned), but after a couple of chapters it became clear Under The Dome was going down a very different path.
How the Dome came to be there and how the town’s people, running out of power, water, food and eventually air, finally solve the mystery is an important part of the story. However, this is a tale of a demagogue taking advantage of the worsening situation to strengthen his position as king of the castle, whilst at the same time blackening the reputation of some good and honest people and making them look the dirty rascals. Man’s inhumanity to man at it’s very worst.
Another important issue woven into the storyline is the manufacture of crystal meths: it just so happens me and the missus are halfway through the box set of Breaking Bad, so Walter White helped me a lot with that. Thanks Walt.
Will good conquer evil? I won’t spoil the end for you constant readers, but I will say the finale is cataclysmic.
Definitely a book to read whether you are a King fan or not. He has the ability to take you into the world he’s created and keep you spellbound.

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